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A dedicated husband and father, disruptive developer, and tech-stack tinkerer based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

My specialties include DevOps, site reliability engineering, web development, facilitating microservice adoption and data science.

I have a passion for learning new technologies that help me hack together interesting projects and an obsession with creating elegant architectures to make those projects efficient.

I have a knack for automating processes to help developers tackle complex problems effectively with minimum cycle time. All the while making sure best practices are followed.. or not, if we can do better without them.

When I have free time, I enjoy running, reading and wandering anywhere of interest. When I am at home, I am listening to progressive metal, watching sci-fi with my family, dreaming up a plan for my next hack or researching my next D&D campaign.

Let’s build something together.


Architecture: Monolith/Microservices/Serverless, Message-Driven, Event-Driven, Client/Server, Service-Oriented
Database: Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, OLTP/OLAP, Query Optimization
Cloud: AWS, Azure, GC, Heroku, DO
Methodologies: DevOps, Scrum/Kanban, HCI/UI/UX, LEAN, Agile
Frameworks: React/Redux, Spring, Micronaut, Flask, Jekyll, Express, Fiber, Serverless, Hanami, Rails, Django
Languages: Java, Python, JS, Golang, Ruby, Haskell, Bash
Networking: BGP, TCP/IP, DNS, NAT, Firewall, LAN/WAN, OSI, Analytics
Operations: Infra-as-Code, Immutable-Infra, DevSecOps, HA, DR, CI/CD, Monitoring
Technologies: K8s, Helm, Docker, NodeJS, YourKit, Git, RabbitMQ, Kafka
Testing: TDD/BDD, E2E, Integration, Functional, Acceptance, Mutation
Toolchain: Hashicorp, Jira, GitLab, TeamCity, Jenkins, Grafana/Graphite, Artifactory, VMWare, Ubuntu, macOS

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