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A dedicated techie, code loving developer, IoT maker, machine learning tinkerer based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

My specialties include developing UI/UX, mobile/web application development, functional programming and parallel/database optimization. I have a passion for learning new technologies to help me hack together a neat project. I have a desire to write elegant and efficient code to make that neat project perform great.

I have a knack for bringing people together to tackle complex problems in unique ways. All the while making sure best practices are followed.. or not, if we can do better without them.

When I have free time, I enjoy hiking and camping around Canada. When I am at home, I am listening to progressive metal, watching sci-fi with my family, dreaming up a master plan for my next hack-a-thon and trying to teach my fancy rats how to fetch.

Let's get in touch, and build something great.


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